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Mostly just for me to remember stuff

I might use a command once, then not again for years. Hopefully I can jog my memory quickly here.


I wanted a json utc datetime for a MQTT payload. Found the arrow module that is much like moment.js for javascript.

import arrow
print (arrow.get(arrow.utcnow()).for_json()

results in: "2015-08-27T15:03:07.427351+00:00" I'd like to trim it further and replace the +00:00 with Z. ??? and less precision on the seconds.

Documentation for ISO 8601


display unformated like code snippets

<source lang="text"> code snippet </source>

Fedora fc.22

I opened up node.js on port 3000 with this command.

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=3000/tcp
# be sure to reload
 firewall-cmd --reload


I wanted to create a .zip file for my FDDSE project from the command line. Perhaps in a batch file.

7z a -tzip FDDSE