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* [[:File:StingrayRobot-v1.1.pdf|StingRay Robot documentation v1.1]]
* [[:File:StingrayRobot-v1.1.pdf|StingRay Robot documentation v1.1]]
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Semi Autonomous Mobile Instigator

SAMI Semi Autonomous Mobile Instigator. Built on a Parallx StingRay robot chassis with a Parallax Robot controller. It's an ROV with a laser pointer to entertain my dog Sampson. Has an Xbee, an RC receiver, RC capable motor controller, laser pointer, ping sensor mounted on servos providing range and angle data via Xbee radio.

Pulled my old robot, Sami, off the shelf. Been sitting up there for a while ehh? I plan to convert it to using a BeagleBone Blue running ROS (ROS on Rodaw Wiki)

Original Sami videos and Blog Post



RC Motor Speed Controller

Here is an RC motor speed controller. I bought maybe around 2010. I don't remember the manufacturer. I even pulled it off the robot chassis to look at the bottom, seems like I'm remembering that it may have been and open hardware design, I think I bought it more directly than from a vendor. No markings. Do you recognize it? I may have found it at Seattle Robotics Society

Boards / Modules

RC Motor Speed Controller

Propeller Robot Control Board

Propeller Robot Control Board.png