Frejoth FI-900AG

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Purchased off CraigsList in January 2020 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck Steady rest, follow rest and a hell and back dead center

Help me find a manual. I have a similar from a Grizzly G4003 but the genuine Frejoth manual would be cool. Contact form

moving in day

Things to do

  • Level Interesting there don't seem to be any leveling bolts on the base nor any holes. I bought some shim stock to possibly just adjust the lathe at it's base.

* Obtain a Quick-Change Tool Post - which one? ...

  • 1/30/2021 I bought a BOSTAR BXA Wedge Tool Post off of ePay April 2020, installed it 1/30/2021
  • According to the previous owner the three jaw chuck may need grinding