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using SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware;
using SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware.NetduinoPlus;

namespace CenterServos
    public class Program
        // Adjust the duration of Turns
        static uint turnDuration;
        static AnalogInput turnDurationPot = new AnalogInput(Pins.GPIO_PIN_A0);

        // adjust the duration of Motions
        static int straightDuration;
        static AnalogInput maintainDurationPot = new AnalogInput(Pins.GPIO_PIN_A1);

        public static void Main()
            PWM leftServo = new PWM(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D5);
            PWM rightServo = new PWM(Pins.GPIO_PIN_D6);

            leftServo.SetPulse(20000, 1500);
            rightServo.SetPulse(20000, 1500);