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If you've ended up here you've discovered my wiki page mainly devoted to jogging my memory about details of programming and good sites. With that in mind you may find some of this information useful - however it's a bit of memory jogger for me and not intended as a tutorial for SonOff

My Early Experiments / projects



Looks pretty quick and easy over the arduino method and as I'm not changing the Tasmota code let's just get er done!

sonoff basic header Image from

SSID1 – Set Wireless Network Name
Password1 – Set Password for SSID
IpAddress1 – Set Static IP Address for Sonoff Device
IPAddress2 – Set Gateway IP for Sonoff Device
IPAddress3 – Set Subnet Mask for Sonoff Device

Pre compiled binaries Sonoff-Tasmota firmware for iTead Sonoff, Wemos and NodeMCU hardware Copyright (C) 2018 Theo Arends